Open Science

A list of useful open-source links and resources which I have compiled over the years (as of Nov. 2018)
Building Bridges

Open Science

Phyton & Matlab

  • Anaconda - Free Phyton Platform - I recommend Spyder which helps me to transition from Matlab to Phyton
  • Intro for Phyton 
  • Alternative Phyton Suite: Miniconda
  • Spyking Circus - Free phyton based clustering suite for in-vivo electrophysiology
  • Kilosort - State-of-the-art High channel clustering suite for in-vivo electrophysiology (Cortex-Lab)
  • Klustaviewa - Phyton based clustering suite for in-vivo electrophysiology (KlustaTeam)
  • Phy environment and essential from the KlustaTeam (cluster and data visualization)
  • Matlab VBA Toolbox - a great toolbox for behavioural or neurophysiology - statistical inference set
  • Fantastic Matlab Toolbox for Dimensionality Reduction (many of them)
  • Gramm - Very nice graphs for Matlab (also see this link)
  • SPM Toolbox for Matlab (Implementation of statistical parametric mapping)

Other Links & Ressources

Further Software tools

  • Grammerly - Great Online Grammar Tool (as plug-in for Chrome/Emails or Word ideal)
  • BioRender probably the best visualization and graph making tool for science (also not really free)
  • Lab manager & Notebook (not necessarily free)
  • - Web-based visualization
  • Slack - Great tool for Labs (not free) makes projects, lab management and communication more efficient.